October 2020 Box

Inspirational stone magnets - Often simple words can spark a thought or express the deepest of healing. These will be used by all ages to express hope and healing.

Chair - An empty chair is often used to represent a place to rest or even a person who is no longer with us. Having a place to show space is helpful with healing.

Dream catcher - A Native American symbol often used for protection.

Large tea light - Signs of energy will often appear as the client heals.

Treasure chest - Those who have suffered abuse will use treasure chests in their path towards healing. This large one will allow many stones and objects to be placed in and buried throughout may sandtray sessions.

Butterflies - Butterflies will show up as a sing of hope within sandtrays. You can never have too many for your sandtray collection.

Magnetic people - These people can be connected together at various points. We know that having a community and support of others are essential to aiding with healing.

Blank canvas - Often used to signal starting over.

Self-care item - Our Southern Sandtray team collaborated to create this one-of-a-kind magnet that is what we want for each of you. Place it somewhere you can see it regularly to remind you of your strength and power you have with helping others heal.

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