October 2021 Deliverable

Guest expert Beth Moore will be coming to you LIVE this month with a very special training on spirituality and sandtray.

This month will look a little different as Beth's training will be live in the Sandtray Suite Penthouse Facebook group. But you will still be receiving great content and resources!

October 2021 Week 1

​Beth Moore and Amy Flaherty provided an amazing training on 'Spirituality in the Sandtray'. This video is full of tips, prompts and so much more!

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October 2021 Week 2

​Wasn't Beth and Amy's training just superb?? Amazing information from some amazing women.​For this week of October, we want to see your collection. Head over to the Sandtray Suite Penthouse facebook

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October 2021 Week 3

​This week we will be providing you with a whole bunch of resources (thank you Beth!).LINKS​https://aservic.org/​https://www.counseling.org/knowledge-center/competencies​We also have a downloadable PDF for you. Click the button below to view and

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October 2021 Week 4

For the final week of this month, we have compiled an outline of everything Beth and Amy discussed in their training video from week 1. This outline also includes some

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