November 2021 Deliverable

Guest expert Suzie Lawyer will spend this month speaking on grief in the sandtray.

After experiencing her own deep grief, Suzie speaks firsthand on the stages and misconceptions of grief and how it plays out in the sandtray.

November 2021 Week 1

Guest expert Suzie Lawyer will blow you away this month as she discusses Grief in the Sandtray.  Watch below as Suzie not only shares her personal story with grief but

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November 2021 Week 3

Thank you to Suzie Lawyer for compiling this exhaustive list of grief directives! Click the blue button below to view and download!

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November 2021 Week 4

​As we enter Thanksgiving week (for us Americans), we wanted to pause and tell you just how grateful we are for each of you.​The team at SSI is overwhelmed with

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November 2021 Week 5

​We have so loved this month. It has been not only informative but encouraging.To end this month, we want to give you practical ways you can support someone who is

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