November 2020

Guest expert Savannah Cormier not only has an amazing training on creating a digital sandtray but ALSO will be giving you her powerpoint template for FREE!

Week 1

To access and download the Digital Sandtray, click on the link below then when you get to the dropbox, you will then click on the zip file to download the

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Week 2

This week we are giving you a downloadable PDF with all the links Savannah listed in her video.These links are clickable meaning that once you download the PDF, you will

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Week 3

We hope you enjoyed Savannah’s video and are finding her powerpoint to be of great use!Hopefully you have had a chance to play around with slides as we have a

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Week 4

You asked and Savannah answered! Watch and listen for this month's Q&A with Savannah!

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Week 5

For the final Monday and final day of this month, we want to hear from YOU!Hop on over to the Sandtray Suite Penthouse facebook group​ and let us know what

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