June 2020 Week 4

There’s only so much that we (the team at Southern Sandtray) can teach you. Our knowledge is limited. So that’s why we LOVE your input!

We have an amazing community of experienced, smart therapists who have wonderful ideas. And we want to know about them! 

Remember the ’16 Processing Prompts’ pdf that Amy created for you? {If not, I will add it below.} Well we want to hear some your very best processing prompts that you use in your practice and with your clients!

So here is your challenge for this week…

Be on the lookout for this graphic (above) in the Sandtray Suite Penthouse facebook group. When you see this graphic, post in the comment below your processing prompts! 

We will give you until Friday to post as many as you would like then we will pick someone to win Swag Bucks!

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