June 2021 Deliverable

Guest expert Jackie Flynn will knock your socks off with her knowledge on all things EMDR and sandtray therapy.

In addition to all the amazing knowledge she will impart during week 1, she will also provide you a list of directives AND a discount code for her online courses.

June 2021 Week 1

EMDR International AssociationEMDR Certification and Consultation‚ÄčEMDR and Sandtray TherapyVirtual EMDR & Online Sandtray

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June 2021 Week 2

Jackie has provided for you this week a few Sandtray EMDR directives AND a 15% coupon code for her EMDR and Sandtray courses!Click on the button below to view and

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June 2021 Week 3

For week 3, we want to hear from all of YOU! Hop on over to the Sandtray Suite Penthouse facebook‚Äč group and look for the image above. Then comment below in

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