June 2020

Guest expert Amy Flaherty will spend this month helping you up your processing game.

We will be providing you real examples of Amy processing trays, challenges and lots of other amazing information.

June 2020 Week 1

​To view the ‘Split Brain Behavioral Experiments’ video, click ​HERE ​To view and download the 16 Processing Prompts pdf, click on the button below.

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June 2020 Week 2

Wow, Amy provided some amazing information last week! **If you haven't had a chance to watch her video, be sure to watch it by clicking on Week 1 of this month.In

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June 2020 Week 3

I really think you will not only enjoy this week's deliverable but also greatly benefit from it! We have TONS of videos of real people doing real trays (not real

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June 2020 Week 4

There's only so much that we (the team at Southern Sandtray) can teach you. Our knowledge is limited. So that's why we LOVE your input!We have an amazing community of

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June 2020 Week 5

Amy will be going LIVE from the Sandtray Suite Penthouse facebook group on Tuesday, June 30th at 11 am CST to answer your questions. To submit a question for Amy,

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