July 2020 Week 2

This week we would like for you to put into practice your documenting skills!

To help you do that, we are providing you two of the videos from last month’s Monthly Deliverable. This week will be focused on children, and next week we have picked two of the adult videos.

Your challenge is to watch these videos and document them as if you were Amy. Use the Wizards we provided for you last week if you need them. Then on Friday, Amy will make a video of her documenting these videos. Our hope is that this will be of great help to you!

It will be interesting to see what themes or cues you picked up on that maybe Amy didn’t. Or just to see the different observations.

You will see a post in the Penthouse Facebook group for you to comment below your observations from the videos. Do not feel like you have to write a long paragraph. But we would love to hear just a few sentences of how you would document these sessions.

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