July 2020

Documentation is the name of the game. We have Amy Flaherty coming to you again this month talking all about documenting those sandtray sessions.

We will begin this month with a training video then we will spend the next two weeks documenting a few of the videos from last month’s deliverable. We will finish the month out with a Q&A with Amy.

July 2020 Week 1

Document Wizard - Child Document Wizard - Adolescent Document Wizard - Adult

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July 2020 Week 2

This week we would like for you to put into practice your documenting skills! To help you do that, we are providing you two of the videos from last month’s

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July 2020 Week 3

This week will be very similar to last week’s challenge. But this time we have provided for you two videos: one of a college student and one of a working

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July 2020 Week 4

Amy will be going LIVE from the Sandtray Suite Penthouse facebook group on Thursday, July 30th at 11 am CST to answer your questions.To submit a question for Amy, click

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