February 2021 Deliverable

Guest expert Carmen Jimenez Pride teaches this month on how to use sandtray therapy with internal family systems (IFS).

Carmen discusses the benefits of using IFS with sandtray therapy as well as practical tips on how to intertwine the two modalities.  

February 2021 Week 1

Guest expert Carmen Jimenez Pride is one of our favorite experts to have for our Monthly Deliverable trainings! She always provides valuable information that is both educational and practical. This

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February 2021 Week 2

Who doesn't love a good handout with amazing resources?? Carmen so graciously provided several amazing handouts for you for this week.  Be sure to click on that blue button below

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February 2021 Week 3

Guess what??  You guessed it -- another amazing handout! Carmen has provided for you a PDF of the 6 F's in the Sandtray. Click that blue button below to view

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February 2021 Week 4

​Watch and listen as Carmen answers your questions for this month's Q&A.

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