December 2021 Week 3

We've been keeping a secret. Not only a secret from all of you but also keeping a secret from some of our SSI team members.

As you know we have been doing a Month of Giving as several of you have nominated different therapy-related charities.

Well one of our very own, Tracy, actually runs a non-profit supporting those who have lost their baby. One of the services they provide is creating and gifting special door hangers to hang on the hospital doors for those who lost their child. These door hangers are a way to communicate to the nurses and visitors that these individuals have suffered a great loss. 

Something simple as a door hanger can be a game changer when you have lost your child. Those entering your hospital room can be sensitive and aware of your loss.

We love Tracy. And we are so grateful for all the behind-the-scenes work she does.

So for the third week of December, we will be granting $500 to Tracy's charity: Empty Arms.

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