December 2021 Week 1

A BIG thank you to everyone who nominated a charity for this month of giving! So many great nonprofits in this country doing some amazing work. 

We wish we could give money to each and single one of them. Without further ado, the 2 charities we have chosen are: Sibling Strong (nominated by Dana Smith) and Tykes & Teens, Inc. (nominated by Tamara Gilarski).

Just a little bit about these charities:

Sibling Strong is an organization dedicated to bringing separated brothers and sisters together and supporting them as they make new memories, strengthen their relationships, and rediscover. To learn more about this great organization, you can visit them at their website:

Tykes & Teens, Inc. exists to provide mental health services to children, adolescents, & families of the Treasure Coast of Florida. Visit them at to learn more about all the amazing work they do!

As promised, we will spend the next few weeks featuring all the charities nominated so if you feel led to donate then you will have the opportunity to do so.

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