December 2020 Deliverable

Guest expert Amy Flaherty will be taking a look back on all things 2020 and the hardships you as a therapist had to face and the obstacles you overcame. 

Be sure to watch Amy's video as she discusses 'Year in Review 2020: Sandtray Edition"

December 2020 Week 1

'Sandtray-ish' Links Teletherapy Scavenger Hunt

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December 2020 Week 2

It's SHOW & TELL time! ​Amy talked in her video about the importance of having miniatures that represent this year. So we ​thought we would do a little 'Show &

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December 2020 Week 3

​We know December is a crazy month for all of you. So instead of doing our usual Q&A with Amy, she decided to just go live for this week and

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December 2020 Week 4

​For the final week of December (and 2020!) we want to hear from YOU! ​If you were able to watch Amy's video from last week, then you heard her speak

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